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Have A Hardware Issue?
Please review the following list of the most common hardware issues you might experience and their fixes:

No Power / Will Not Turn On: This is commonly caused by the wall power cable not being completely plugged in, or being plugged into a non-powered outlet. Make sure the mains cable is totally pushed into the power supply, and the outlet is switched on, as well as the switch on the back of the power supply being flipped onto the “Line” or “On” position.

Fans Spin / Lights Work, But No Display: This is most commonly caused by the monitor cable (HDMI or Displayport) not being plugged into the correct video output. Please ensure the video cable is plugged into the “Dedicated” ports on the video card, below the other ports, not the integrated graphics ports.
- Support Center - Article Gaming Computer Financing, LLC

Fans Spin and Monitor Turns On, But System Displays “No Boot Device” or Similar: This is most often caused by a drive becoming unplugged due to vibration/shock in shipping, or due to the BIOS/UEFI boot order being reset. Please chat with us or call/text 513-999-9760 to help troubleshoot and resolve this issue.

 I’m Able To Boot Into Windows, But My System Bluescreens/Crashes!: 
This could be a hardware or a software issue. We recommend running a scan with Malwarebytes first, if possible, to rule out any potential virus/malware issues that may be lurking on your system. If your Malwarebytes scan still comes up clean, then please chat with us, or call/text 513-999-9760 so we can diagnose the issue remotely via Teamviewer. 

My Computer Makes A Lot of Heat, Is Everything Okay?: Your computer is a powerful gaming machine – because of this additional power, you may notice more heat being released into your room. This isn’t a problem, however; heat being exhausted means your cooling system is doing its job! 

My CPU/GPU Usage is 100% In Games!: This is very normal – in a well-balanced system, both your CPU and GPU should be stressed nearly to their maximum, to allow for the maximum framerate (FPS) to be displayed on your monitor. 

Have A Software Issue?
Does your system boot, but you still have an issue with some of the preinstalled software? Read on for some of the most common software issues you might encounter, and their fixes: 

Windows Says I’m Running Out of Space On My C: Drive!: This is most likely because you’re installing all your games on your C: drive instead of on your D: or E: Data drives. You need to set your library folders/install locations for larger games like Warzone to those other drives, or you will run out of space, especially on systems with a 256GB SSD. Here’s a guide for how to set up your Steam Library Folder on your Data drive:

My System is Slow To Boot/Run, and My Games Seem Sluggish: This is most often caused by a virus/malware issue. Please run a scan with Malwarebytes, and remove whatever it finds. Reboot your computer, and the sluggishness should be gone! (And maybe be more careful about what sites you visit. wink)

I Tried to Install A Game, and Now It Gives Me An Error When I Play!: First off, try contacting the game support team. Just Google “Game Name Support” and it should find a way of contacting them. After going through their troubleshooting process, if the game still doesn’t work, please contact us to continue troubleshooting. 

I Don’t Know What A Preinstalled Program is For!: Please refer to the “Software Configuration” tab of Quick Setup for help and an overview of all preinstalled software and what it’s good for. 

If you’re still having issues, and have looked through both the “Quick Start” and “Troubleshooting” steps, please feel free to contact us via the chat on our website, via email at, or by call/text at 513-999-9760. 

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