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How Does the Affiliate Program Work?

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Do you love our computers and the financing we offer, and want to join our sales team to make competitive commissions? Become a part of our affiliate program! We love what we do, and if you do too, you can earn some extra money selling our computers to friends, family, and anyone who might be interested!

With our program, you can earn between $50 – $90+ for every computer you sell! Plus, when you meet certain sales targets, we offer competitive bonuses, which have the potential to total into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

This isn’t an MLM scheme, and there’s never a requirement to pay any money or buy any inventory to join or maintain membership in the affiliate program. Plus, although you can recruit as many people as you like to help you sell, we will never push you to recruit more members.

Our program is open to anyone 18 or older who has a passion for sales or technology, and who would like to make extra money from their phone, twitch stream, social media, or other online presence. This is a great opportunity for college students for other tech savvy people to earn extra money, on their own time and their own terms, while gaining valuable digital marketing and sales experience.

Like the sound of our program?

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